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?The Klamath or “Clamitte” Tribe, for which Klamath County was named, has had a presence for 10,000 years. White settlement began in 1846 along the Applegate Immigrant Trail, which precipitated clashes between the two cultures and led to the Modoc Indian War of 1872. The Oregon Legislature created Klamath County by dividing Lake County in 1882. Linkville was named county seat and its name was changed to Klamath Falls in 1893. Klamath County’s present-day position as a great lumber, agriculture and distribution center was assured in the early 1900s with the coming of the railroad and the start of one of the most successful of all federal reclamation projects—the Klamath Project, which drained much of the 128 square mile Lower Klamath Lake to provide 188,000 acres of irrigable land. Natural geothermal hot wells provide heat for many homes, businesses and the OIT campus. The full potential of this energy resource continues to be studied. Klamath is recognized for its scenic beauty, outdoor recreation, abundant waterfowl and diverse landscape. Oregon Blue Book:
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